Practice Areas

Ethics and Responsible Innovation

We provide organizations with guidance and information to help make reasonable decisions for developing products and services.

Health and Safety

We provide assistance in understanding evolving regulations and standards as well as assisting with identifying and implementing currently accepted environmental, health, and safety practices.


We assist organizations with establishing new product lines, implementing quality standards, improving efficiency, and evaluating corporate performance.


We help organizations identify and assess risk and work together to implement risk mitigation strategies unique to the situation at hand.


We work with organizations to achieve short- and long-term goals for implementing environmentally-friendly standards and conditions and developing processes consistent with their vision.


We assist organizations with planning, identifying business opportunities, finding funding, recommending applications for their products, and providing guidance on market sectors.

Technology Forecasting

We provide analyses of technology development, challenges, and projected paths utilizing an extensive network of expert connections, a unique government and industry knowledge base, and other resources.


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