• Gregory Nichols

What is Emerging Technology Consulting?

We've all heard of consulting, a profession almost as old as time itself. There are many forms of consulting, such as management consulting, marketing consulting, even technical consulting. These types of consulting focus on helping clients within a specific area of operations. Within these areas, they may coach and train clients on nuanced specialities, such as technology. However, with the ever-faster pace of technology development, even experienced management, marketing, and technical consultants face challenges with keeping up, certainly regarding the broad range of emerging technologies that are rolled out each and every day.

That's why GP Nichols & Company created a new type of consulting - emerging technologies consulting. Our firm completely focuses on this class of technologies, so we can stay up to date on what's happening within this rapidly changing field. We've flipped consulting on its head. We don't just touch on an aspect of technology, such as nanotechnology, as an aside within a prime area, like management consulting. We focus on a specific technology, or technology in general, to help our clients understand how it will affect marketing, management, and so forth. Approaching consulting this way opens up the potential to cut across organizations and their challenges in dealing with technology to find solutions that work at the speed of the 21st Century.

We know this is a novel and, perhaps, radical approach, but we think it's necessary in order to keep up with the blistering pace of technology development and implementation. We assist organizations with understanding how technology impacts worker health and safety, business strategy, ethics, risk, and security. As more and more technologies enter the market, it will be increasingly difficult to absorb all of the aspects of technology considerations that an organization needs to know. That's why we exist.

We are an extension of an organization, so they don't have to worry about keeping up with progress. Organizations have enough to worry about when it comes to keeping customers happy, supporting employees, and meeting stakeholder expectations. Let an emerging technology consultant take care of the rest be a guide to the future.

We'll be posting thoughts all the time about emerging technologies and how businesses and government agencies can minimize risk and maximize revenue in this new world. Stay tuned to more posts on GP Thinking, check out the resources on our website, and don't forget to follow us on social media.

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