GP Nichols & Company Supports Global Task Force Aiming to Use Advanced Materials to Address Public Health Emergencies

May 5, 2020

GP Nichols & Company joins an elite, international task force formed to combat the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic. The Advanced Material Pandemic Task Force (AMPT) is a network of scientific labs, advanced material companies, testing facilities, health organizations, and innovation consumers provides a path for fast tracking current Advanced Material solutions and offering a roadmap for the next generation of solutions and countermeasure methodologies to come. The group is currently comprised of organizations from the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, and Spain. Although AMPT is currently focused on developing solutions for the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and the new wave of technological and societal needs that will arise in its aftermath, the group aims to also tackle future public health emergencies at the global level.

Nichols co-authors article on Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Radiation Exposure Information and Reporting System (REIRS)

November 20, 2018

GP Nichols & Company President, Gregory Nichols, is a co-author on an article recently published in the International Journal of Radiation Biology. The article, titled "50 Years of the Radiation Exposure Information and Reporting System," describes the important role REIRS has played over the past 50 years in numerous epidemiological studies and regulatory decisions. 

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